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I am Yap,from Metroworld Realty Sdn Bhd.I join real estate industry for more then 5 years.I have more then 1000 investors.Before i join real estate industry,i was an marine engineer and Certified Financial Planner.I also author for the book"How to Invest in Property by Buy,Rent,Sell"

MetroWorld Realty is a registered real estate company with Lembaga Penilai, Pentadbir and Ejen Hartanah Malaysia

Although MetroWorld Realty has just established in early 1994, it has become a household name for property seekers in Klang Valley. The moving force behind this phenomenal success is the Director, his dynamic management and dedicated sales team member who has been in the industry more than 10 years. With an impressive track record of million-dollar sales, the former top producer and top trainer of the industry has channelled his talent and energy into MetroWorld Realty

MetroWorld Realty is constantly searching for new ideas, innovations and improvements to enhance operation efficiency and client satisfaction. The operational objectives of the company are to work with clients to deliver results today that endure tomorrow through a high-standard of real estate services including marketing solution, recommendations to valued clients encompass a wide variety of real estate related transactions

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